CT Series Microscope

(1). Series optical fiber end face microscope
(2). CT-09 Fiber Optic Microscope
(3). CT-10 Fiber Optic Microscope with LCD monitor
(4). CT-11 USB Fiber Optic Microscope

Product Details

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of ct series microscope for sale, we warmly welcome you to wholesale the high quality and reasonable price equipment for sale from our factory.

CT-09 Fiber Optic Microscope

This CT-09 Fiber Optic Microscope is used for inspecting

fiber terminations, providing the most CT-09critical view of fiber end faces. This mini version is smaller and easier to carry. It produces excellent details of scratches and contamination with its good optical performance and integrated laser safety filters. It is the clear choice for critical examination of polish quality.


The built-in LED light produces lighting into an optical path which enables an optimal view and lighting for your examinations and inspections at any time. CL mode is ideal if you frequently terminate fiber and have received

professional training. It provides excellent views

 of the ferrule end face.


The pre-installed 2.5 mm universal adapter is compatible with SC, FC, ST and E2000. Now the new version comes with a FREE 1.25 mm adapter which is compatible with LC and MU.



(1). 400x Optical Magnification

(2). LED illumination

(3). Laser filter installed for eye protection

(4). Versatile adapter interface

(5). Clear bright images

(6). Smooth focus control

(7). Momentary or push button on / off switch for light source



(1). Optical Magnification: 400x

(2). Illumination Light Source: White LED, rated for 100,000 hours

(3). Controls: 2 minutes auto-off switch for light source, Fine focus control wheel

(4). Safety Filter: Built-in IR filter

(5). 1.25 mm universal adapter compatible with LC and MU

(6). 2.5 mm universal adapter compatible with SC, FC, ST and E2000

(7). Adapter Interface: User interchangeable universal adapters, or dedicated connector type

(8). Power Source: 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)

(9). Carrying pouch provided

(10). Item Size: approx. 185 (L) x 48 (W) x 35 (D) mm (7.28 x 1.89 x 1.38 inch)

(11). Item Weight: approx. 271 g


CT-10 Fiber Optic Microscope with LCD monitor  

CT-10  Reliability and performance of a

  fiber  optic link largely depends

  on the quality of interconnects.

  Contaminated connectors can

  cause the mating surfaces to

  separate leading to high 

  insertion loss and back

  reflection.Furthermore, some 

  dirt particles can even scratch

  or dig into the glass causing permanent damage to the end-face of the connector.

Therefore,inspection of  fiber optic connectors should be performed whenever a connection is to be made.

The Fiber Optic Connector Inspection is an intelligent handheld video microscope suitable for inspection of patch cords, bulkhead receptacles and a variety of connectors found in fiber optic communication systems.


(1). 3.5-inch TFT color display              (2). Well-centered, high resolution image

(3). Image capture and storage           (4). Instant video recording

(5). 250x Magnification                        (6). 4x Digital zoom (optional)

(7). Standard tips (SC, FC, ST, LC)         (8). USB plug-and-play 





CT-11 USB Fiber Optic Microscope

CT-11 features USB function to connect the laptop or PC directly, CT-11 有样可重拍.JPG

which includes image sensor inside the probe to have real-time inspection,no need for any additional power cord and driver.



(1). Single way to have focus control,             stir the wheel with fingers 

    simply to have loop control with

    back or forward movement.

(2). Precise cone contact to reach 98% alignment consistency.

(3). 250x magnification ability, less more 1um Resolution.

(4). Digital sensor inside the probe to access the laptop or PC directly.

(5). Ability to inspect MPO/MTP etc. PC and APC multiple cores end face.




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