China/ Aitelong/SAT-17M Handheld Mini Fusion Splicer/ Factory

China/ Aitelong/SAT-17M Handheld Mini Fusion Splicer/ Factory
Product Details

SAT-17M Mini Fusion Splicer

The pocket mini fusion splicer

    Key Features:                                                            9.jpg

     (1). High accuracy

(2). Ultra-slim FTTX fusion splicer   

(3). 10S splicing and 9S heating

(4). 200X magnification

(5). 3.5” high resolution color LCD

(6). 4500mAh integrated battery

(7). Up to 120 cycles splicing & heating

(8). Interchangeable universal holder

(9). The smallest and most affordable 

       FTTX splicer

Technical Specification

Applicable Fibers

SM   (single mode), MM (multi-mode),

DS   (dispersion), NZDS (non-zero dispersion),

BIF/UBIF,   Pigtail cable

Average Loss

0.05dB(SM),0.03dB(MM),0.03dB(DS),0.03dB(NZDS),0.05dB(BIF/UBIF),0.05dB(Pigtail cable)

Return Loss

Better   than 60dB

Operation Methods

Auto,   Semi-auto

Typical  Splicing Time


Typical Heating Time

19S   (Standard 60mm)

Fiber Aligning

Cladding   alignment

Fiber Diameter

Cladding   diameter 80---150μm

Coating   diameter 100---1000μm

Cutting Length

10---16mm   (Fiber diameter <250μm)

16mm   (Fiber diameter :250---1000μm)


X   or Y:200X,   X+Y: 100X

Image Display

3.5   inch TFT LCD 640*480 resolution

Tension Test

Standard   2N

Applicable Sleeve

60mm/40mm/20mm   or etc.

External Interface

Mini   USB

Splicing Mode

  100   ( 9 in Factory Default)

Heating Mode

50   ( 8 in Factory Default)


Storing 5000 splicing results and 10   groups

splicing image

Electrode Life Cycle

Typical   2000 times

Power Supply

Built-in   lithium battery: 11.1V,4500mAh.

AC/DC   adapter input: AC 100-240V

            output: DC 13.5V/5.0A

Working  Environment

Temperature:   -10°C--+50°C/14°F --122°F

Humidity:   95% RH (40/140 non-condensing)

Altitude:   0--5000m


L*W*H=120*160*60   (mm)


0.85kg(with   battery)

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