SAT-20E Optical Cable Routing Locator

SAT-20E Optical Cable Routing Locator
Product Details

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SAT-20E Optical Cable Routing Locator


Key Features

(1). Full frequency, digital, color frequency intelligent positioning system.

(2). Smart compass guide features to help you quickly and accurately locate 

       the cable.

(3). High power transmitter, maximum depth of 10 meters


Technical Specification


SAT-20E Optical Cable Routing Locator

Operating frequency

50Hz, 60 Hz, 512 Hz, 640 1.3K, Hz 8.2KHz,   Hz, 9.6 KHz, 16.4 KHz, 32 KHz, 65 KHz, 74 KHz, 82 KHz, 98 KHz, 128 KHz, KHz,   131, 200 KHz

Color LCD

3.5-inch color LCD, adjustable backlight

Antenna mode

Wave method, wide peak, peak width of the   arrow, trough method

Signal strength

Graphics and digital display, range is 0   ~999

Gain control

Automatic gain and manual gain, dynamic   gain range is 0dB ~ 100dB

Detection depth

Max. detection depth > 5 meters   (direct method)

Maximum detection range

Max. 15km

Depth display

Max. 2.5m

Sound indicator

Adjust FM tone with signal strength

Power display

Graphic display


low frequency :±(1-5)%£ 2.5m ; RF :±(5-12)%£2.5m

Power supply

Built-in 9V 2200mAH rechargeable nickel-hydride   battery

Working time

Continuous working : £6 hours

Operating temperature

-20 °C --+70 °C