SAT-8610 Synthetic Radio Frequency Generator

(1). Double sides, high stability and adjustable output
(2). Preset frequency
(3). Ultra-broadband design
(4). High-performance portable design
(5). High efficiency test

Product Details

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SAT-8610 Synthetic Radio Frequency Generator

SAT-8610 is a synthetic radio frequency generator with broadband and continuous wave. The latest integrated technology is applied in it, which ingeniously solves the contradiction between bandwidth and power in the traditional power generator, making it become the most pioneering power generator with high performance in the field of wireless test.

The combination of SAT-8610 and SAT-8320, a feed-through type power meter, can compose a set of hand-held and multi-functional test system with simple operation and high test speed, especially suitable for rapid acceptance and troubleshooting of radio system in wireless base stations or repeater station, as well as device pre-selection in the laboratory or producing environment.

Basic function:

      (1). Double sides, high stability and adjustable output

      Meanwhile completely equal frequency signals for the two ways of the main output 

      and max output are provided with the main output power up to 30dBm and the 

      power adjusting range not less than 6dB. The high purity of its frequency spectrum

      is especially suitable for detection of various of amplification and transmission link.

       (2). Preset frequency

       The most commonly used 10 test frequency points were preset and the specific 

       frequency can be set according to user’s requirements. Temporary adjustment 

       of each frequency point can be made under the monitoring of the external frequency 



       (3). Ultra-broadband design

        A continuous set of 300MHz3000MHz covers the vast majority of mobile 

        communication frequency band. Automatic uninterrupted and continuous scanning

        can be realized with 1MHz as step by step within the range from 300MHz to 

        3000MHz by PC Frequency scanning software.

      (4). High-performance portable design

        An energy-saving user interface can significantly enhance the simple operation of

        instrument and maximize its running time

       (5). High efficiency test

         No preheating or calibration process needed after start-up, and the test time is 

         greatly shortened compared to other terminal type devices (such as network 

         analyzer, feeder line tester, etc.).

Technical parameters

(1). Frequency range: 300MHz~3000MHz

(2). Frequency point resolution:1 MHz

(3). Continuous frequency sweep range:300 MHz to 3000 MHz

(4). Frequency accuracy: < ±20 ppm

(5). Frequency stability: ± 0.5 ppm / ° C

(6). The main output power: > 30dbm / 1 w

(7). The main output flatness: ± 1 dB

(8). The main output stability: 0.01 dB / ° C

(9). The main output harmonic component: < - 40 dBc

(10). The main output clutter component: < - 70 dBc

(11). The main output sub-harmonic component:< - 80dBc

(12). Auxiliary output power:> - 10 dBc / 0.1 mW

(13). Auxiliary output flatness: ± 1 dB

(14). Auxiliary output stability: 0.01 dB / ° C

(15). Nominal impedance:50 Ω

(16). Output standing wave ratio: < 1.5

(17). DC tolerance:50 V (the main output) / 5V output (auxiliary output)

(18). Internal power: lithium ion battery with high reliability

(19). External power supply5V / 2A DC

(20). RF connector:Type N (female)

(21). Auxiliary output:SMA (female)

(22). Operating temperature:- 20 ~ +50 ° C  (relative humidity < 95%)

(23). Storage temperature:- 40 ~ + 70 ° C (relative humidity< 70% )

(24). Operating altitude: 5000 meters

(25). Storage altitude: 14000 meters

(26). ESD:> 2KV

(27). Dimensions:120 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm

(28). Weight700g



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