SAT-8320/8330/8340 RF Digital Power Meter

(1). High compatibility
(2). High dynamic range
(3). High accuracy measurement
(4). Dynamic power adjustment
(5). Comparative CCDF curve
(6). Long time On-line monitoring

Product Details

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SAT-8320/8330/8340 RF Digital Power Meter

SAT-8320/8330/8340 is a high performance In-line RF digital power meter specifically designed for testing of power conditions of a variety of modern cellular communication systems. Unique, state-of-the-art designs reduce complexity and provide versatile performance in a fully portable, conveniently compact package.

This instrument is uniquely designed with the advanced technology, which greatly reduces the complexity of instrument operation, making it an integrated In-line RF digital power meter with features of uniqueness, multiple-functions and ready-usage among current instruments.

Basic functions:

(1).  High compatibility

  Support 2G 、3G and 4G (LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD), and railway band GSM - 450R.

(2).  High dynamic range

      Combined power measuring range as high as 70dB (-20dBm ~ + 50dBm) and 

      overlapping range of 20dB.

(3). High accuracy measurement

     Performance optimization, such as specific frequency calibration, return loss, 

     insertion loss,and directional quality, can guarantee the power measurement accuracy

     from various aspects.

(4).  Dynamic power adjustment

  Power simulation can be made at any time for different transmitter or remote unit

  (RU), when checking or spotting link power.

(5).  Comparative CCDF curve

        Intuitive comparative CCDF (complementary cumulative distribution function) 

        curve can make a comparison on power compression characteristics of the launch

        system at any time, especially suitable for the screening of high bit error rate and 

         high drop call rate.

 (6).  Long time On-line monitoring
        In case of soft failure like power jitter or drift in launch system, the fault can be

        located by on-line monitoring and data analysis in a certain time. The feed-through

        power meter GC 8320/8330/8340 is currently the only one which can achieve 

        completely long time independent online monitoring without support by any 

        other equipment or instrument.

 (7). High reliability design

       No damage in the process of input - output miss-connection. What’s more, 

       instruction can be sent through its screen and audio signal. It is intact even for 

       the permanent miss-connection.

(8).  Intelligent interface

The instrument will automatically enter testing state when spectrum information is 

correctly selected. The display mode can be arbitrarily switched in testing process for

real-time monitoring on various parameters. For the operator who has no experience

in RF field, can practice and operate simply by a few minutes of learning.

Performance characteristics:

(1).  Independent online monitoring function

      An independent RF signal on-line monitoring record function is provided. A large 

      capacity of 8G SD card, recording every second, can work for 3 consecutive months, 

      especially suitable for recording the occasional failure and complicated phenomenon.

      At the same time it can be used for long-term reliability testing means of work

      acceptance. The records of its internal storage data can be uploaded to PC via 

      software, saved and read by EXCEL.

(2).  Input/output miss-connection protection

      When the input port of the tested feeder line RF signal is miss-connected to the 

        output port of SAT-8320, a warning signal will be provided by SAT-8320 meter, 

        noticing feeder line cable access error while the instrument will not burn out at 

        the same time.

(3).  A friendly user interface and high-definition color LCD display



Technical parameters:





Instrument form

In-line type

Probe type

Frequency range

400MHz - 3GHz

700MHz - 3GHz

4G Compatibility




RF power range

 1mW - 250W
  (Correction factor =1)

0.001mW - 1300mW
  (Correction factor =1.0)

 1mW - 160W
  (Correction factor =1)

 1mW - 160W

Correction factor

1 - 100

0.1 - 10

1 - 100

Maximum input power



0.01dBm or0.001W

0.01dB or


0.01dBm or 0.001W

Measurement mode

average / peak value / burst average

Measurement accuracy

+/- 4% +/- 5mW
   ( +15 ~   +35°C )
  +/- 6% +/- 5mW
  ( 0 ~ 50°C )

+/- 3% +/- 5μW
  ( +15 ~ +35°C )
  +/- 6% +/- 5μW
  ( 0 ~ 50°C )

+/- 3% +/- 5mW ( +15 ~ +35°C )
  +/- 6% +/- 5mW ( 0 ~ 50°C )

VSWR measurement


1.05 - 40.0

Insertion loss

< 0.05dB

Insertion VSWR

< 1.10


> 30dB

Peak-to-average ratio

> 10dB

Burst pulse width

150µs - 4s

Burst frequency

0.25Hz - 1000Hz

Pulse duty cycle

0.1% - 100%

CCDF Display mode

Contrast curve

Non contrast curve

Nominal impedance


RF connector

 Type N(female)


User selectable

Internal memory

150 Files

Data storage

50 Days(2GB SD card)

Battery type


Battery life

> 8 hours(continuous)

External power supply

DC 5V/2A

PC interface


Operating temperature

-10 ~ +50°C (Relative   humidity < 95%)

Storage temperature

-20 ~ +50°C (Relative   humidity < 70%)

Operating altitude


Storage altitude



> 8KV


200mm x 120mm x 50mm

105mm x 94mm x 43mm